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Taxi Services

Taxi Services in Cambodia

We offer the best taxi tours also in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, if you don’t know or no ideas where to visit during your stay in Siem Reap you can choose any one option in of our taxi tour. as all the places mentioned in itineraries in our list tour cover on all the must to see in Siem Reap.

Daily Tour Guide Service

License English Speaking Tour Guide is 35 USD Per Day.

Extra fee will be applied if you wish to visit the following locations below

  • Additional 5 USD for Sunrise
  • Additional 5 USD for Sunset
  • Additional 5USD for Koh Ker
  • Additional 5 USD for Kbal Spean

Daily Transportation Fee

We have provide also all kind of transportations rang from Tuk Tuk, Car, SUV.
All kinds of transportation rates include the cost of fuel, parking tolls, driver fees and free cool waters and towels during tours. 
Please select any one kind of transportation do you need prefer for sightseeing and see our fees below.

Banteay Srei Temple ( Lady Temple)

Bonteay Srei + Buterfly Centre + Landmine Museum 30 USD 50 USD 55 USD
Banteay Srei + Bonteay Samre 30 USD 50 USD 55 USD
Banteay Srei + Angkor Complex Small Circuit or Grand Circuit 30 USD 55 USD 60 USD
Banteay Srei + Beng Mealea 45 USD 80 USD 85 USD
Banteay Srei + Bonteay Somre + Rolous Group 50 USD 85 USD 90 USD

Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean + Banteay Srei + Banteay Samre 35 USD 65 USD 70 USD

Rolous Group

Rolous Group + Floating Village ( Chong Kneas) 25 USD 50 USD 55 USD
Rolous Group + Beng Mealea 45 USD 85 USD 90 USD
Kulent Mountain ( Waterfalls )
Kulent Mountain + Banteay Srei Temple N/A 80 USD 85 USD
Beng Mealea Temple
Beng Mealea 40 USD 80 USD 85 USD
Beng Mealea + Rolous Group + Kampong Phluk 45 USD 85 USD 90 USD

Koh Ker

Koh Ker + Beng Mealea N/A 120 USD 130 USD

Floating Village

Chong Kneas ( Tonle Sap Lake) 25 USD 45 USD 50 USD
Kampong Phluk 25 USD 45 USD 50 USD
Kampong Phluk + Rolous Group 30 USD 50 USD 55 USD

Siem Reap Town & Transfers Service

Angkor National Museum 8 USD 20 USD 25 USD
Countryside 20 USD 40 USD 45 USD
Pick up & Drop Off at Siem Reap Airport 10 USD 20 USD 25 USD

Additional Charges

Sunrise 5 USD 10 USD 15 USD
Sunset 5 USD 10 USD 15 USD


  • Parking fees and road tolls
  • Cool drinking waters and towels


  • Angkor Pass ( Temple Tickets)
  • Meal ( Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Additional Information

  • 1 Day Pass 37 USD
  • 2 or 3 Days 62 USD
  • A Week 72 USD
  • Beng Mealea Pass 5 USD
  • Koh Ker Pass 10 USD

Important Noted

  • Tuk Tuk Maximums from 1 to 3 Pax
  • Car Maximum From 1 – 3 Pax
  • Van Maximum From 4 – 12 Pax


  • Please note that you must be dressed appropriately for visiting some of our temples, Angkor Wat, Baphoun inside Angkor Thom, Phnom Bakheng and climbing some temples. This means your pants or skirt should  cover your  knees and shirt can not be  sleeveless (make sure that your shirt covers  your shoulders, no singlets!) otherwise you won’t be allowed  entry or to climb up this is by Temples Authority.
    Comfortable walking shoes are recommended and wearing light cotton clothes are suggested as well for the weather from March to July as it’s very hot with high humidity.
  • We suggest you to bring your camera charger then you can recharge it during your lunch break at restaurant.
  • The official currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel (KHR), however USD$ are used everywhere in the country and most of the prices are set in USD. We advise you to bring US$ and remember to bring new and clean bank notes as the old or torn notes will not be accepted at most places. ATMs are almost everywhere in the city also and making it easy to withdraw cash in USD. The exchange rate is usually roughly KHR4000 to US$1, so if you give US$2 for something which costs KHR6000, you will usually receive back KHR2000.


  • Payment of tour fees will be required to at the end of tour only (you are not required to pay in advance or deposit at all) and pay in cash in USD only ( NO payment by credit cards )